Direct crypto payments between those who want contacts and those who want to be contacted

Become a snovian

Get rewarded directly with crypto for being contacted and letting the world know who you are


Reach out to targeted leads and connect with professionals in crypto, tech and other niches


A Perfect Token Airdrop Tool

With an initial focus on the blockchain industry, Snovian.Space will add this paid messaging service in a method that is highly desirable to blockchain enthusiasts: startups can utilize SNOV or other ERC20 tokens. For example, an Ethereum based blockchain startup will be able to use their token on the Snovian. Space platform to compensate responders, streamlining the airdrop process.


Reach out at scale to any audience

As opposed to LinkedIn’s shaky reliance on “shared connections” who you may have met once at a conference and forgotten immediately afterward, Snovian.Space connects people directly. Businesses actually pay users when they want to contact them. Thus you get rewarded for your valuable data. When post-ico and ico stage businesses want to contact a new audience, they do it by offering SNOV tokens, which can be bought regularly with Ethereum or Fiat.



Users of the Snovian.Space platform will be able to create and manage a professional profile directly on the Snovian. Space network, adding information such as their professional skills and interests. This database of professionals with a vast range of experiences and passions will be available to businesses seeking such individuals, whether for hiring or for quality interested leads.


With use-cases relevant to the blockchain industry such as pre-ICO lead generation, social media and community bolstering, talent acquisition, and influencer outreach, the blockchain industry alone will be hungry for what Snovian.Space is offering.


Snovian.Space is LinkedIn on the blockchain, a platform powered by smartcontracts which ensures that value is being distributed among Snovians; transparent transactions and no manipulation with pricing plans.


Snovian.Space will not control payments directly, instead such direct payments via MetaMask and similar Ethereum wallets will be used. Tokens can also be bought with a creditcard or paypal.


When a business joins the Snovian.Space platform, it can browse a user database complete with profiles and create its custom target audience. As soon as the business thinks it’s found a fit, and wants to contact a potential client, it would set out a reward for users whom it wants to contact. There will be no pricing plan or hidden fees. Only a fair, direct incentive.

A solution for everyone

Snovian.Space aims to be a decentralized social networking platform. Unlike platforms that sell your data we create more options for Snovians making a win-win situation for both parties. Users get paid for their valuable information and businesses receive interested contacts.

Laser targeted contact acquisition

We incentivise users to put comprehensive information into their profile. Snovian.Space then compiles it and presents the most accurately matched information to businesses. The more information you add, the better visibility your profile gets. We aim to register people of any occupation but our main focus is a whole range of crypto people, from tech geeks to traders.


GDPR Compliant

Snovians get full control over their personal data, freely given, it is up to the user to make the choice. With collected consent that's valid and manageable we meet all the upcoming GDPR regulations. won't be selling paid plans.

Snovians are paid directly with SNOV and ETH20 based tokens (during airdrops) for reading the message, responding to it and performing other actions like joining a telegram channel and more. Great marketing opportunities for start ups and ico's to build their community base directly without having to negotiate Google or Facebook's restrictive crypto advertising policies.

Roadmap for June - July 2018

Registration launch
Snov token Airdrop finish
Tokens withdrawal and Metamask integration
Groups launch
Messaging individually and to the Groups
Accepting crypto payments and auto airdrops



Meet Our Team

Alexis Kratko

CEO & Founder

Julia Nasenok

Project Manager and Business Analyst

Rodion Yaremenko

CTO, Web Developer

Daria Shevchenko


Alexander Zhadko

PM, Web Developer

Yuri Arendar

PHP Developer

Dmitriy Shevchenko

Web Developer

Ihor Zhdanovych

PHP Developer

Alex Panok

QA engineer

Yaroslav Revenok

SEO&PPC Marketing Specialist

Taras Vasylenko

Front-End developer

Max Romanchuk

Senior UI/UX Designer

Julia Zubok

Marketing & Customer Care

Mila Postol

Marketing Specialist

Valeria Borshch

Strategic Communications Manager

Maryna Nalyvaiko

Speaker and Events Manager

Paul Shuteyev

Marketing Ninja

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Token name: SNOV Pre ICO: 4 Sep 2017 – 30 Oct 2017 Main Token Sale: 31 Oct 2017 – 30 Nov 2017 Tokens issued: 2.5bln tokens Initial price per token: 0.01 USD Total supply: 651,129,644 SNOV

Token information

62,2%SNOV token holders
27,8%Team *
10,0%Reserved for contributors' motivation

**for non-U.S. residents only

Frequently Asked Questions

Snovian.Space will be LinkedIn on the blockchain, focusing on providing a social network of people who voluntarily contribute their personal data to earn crypto. The platform also enables users with incentivized messaging. Companies looking for targeted outreach will find receptive and precisely targeted audiences.

Snovian platform is already under deveopment, launch is planned for Q2

Each account will be manually reviewed and will not be able to receive incentivized messages unless verified by connecting to at least one professional social network such as LinkedIn or

With use-cases relevant to the blockchain industry such as pre-ICO lead generation, social media and community bolstering, talent acquisition, and influencer outreach, other industries remain as varied as ever: recruiters, sales professionals, event organizers, start-ups CEO's and all those that want to get fairly compensated for their information.

For as long as you both stay in a "connection". The more connections a profile has the more visible their profile will get.

You can deposit earned tokens directly to your ETH wallet connected to a metamask account for ease of use and security.

We have created a detailed guide on how to purchase a token, you can find it here.

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