announcing and credits partnership

Announcing Snovian.Space and Credits partnership

Things are getting exciting! Snovian.Space continues building bridges (and friendships) aiming to bring the crypto community even closer together. And today we are honoured to partner with Credits, a team behind one of the most remarkable projects on the crypto scene.

Our teams first met at the RISE conference in Hong Kong, where Snovian.Space made its first appearance at an event. Maxim Gazeev visited our booth and was interested in our idea of earning crypto by replying to messages. We stayed in touch and some negotiations later a partnership was born.

Credits is a project based on more than a buzzword. These guys don’t need many words to impress, just take a look at what they do. Credits team provides a completely unique technological platform for creation and running of decentralized applications. It is a new and one-of-a-kind example of technical implementation of blockchain technology, smart contracts, and data protocols. Their blockchain boasts significant numbers, too: super high speeds at over 1,000,000 transactions per second and an average transaction time of 0.01 seconds, as well as low transaction costs. Among their first clients you’ll see such acclaimed projects as Sparkster, TravelChain, Lynq, Soma and others.

On February 18, 2018 Credits successfully completed their ICO and reached the Hard Cap of 20M USD/ 23,923.45 ETH. Their own token Credits (CS) is used for operations on the platform.

Snovian.Space is proud to partner with a project working tirelessly to create a true crypto future.

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Dana Rudenko

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Edited by Dana Rudenko
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