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Bug Fixes And New Features: Snovian.Space Update

Hi, guys! As winter is coming to an end (finally!) we decided to give you a little update on everything we’ve done this past month.

45 bugs fixed

Our new team was feeling inspired to start this year and get to work, and they truly delivered: this month they’ve detected and fixed 45(!) bugs.

Among them, issues with profile saving during registration, profile photo upload, incorrect mobile number formats, notifications, and XSS. Registration for new users is now much easier, as is notification tracking for existing users.

We’ve also improved the messaging. You can track the messaging statistics and view send times in your local time. All unused reward tokens for messages that have not been opened are deposited back into your account.

Just a reminder: if you notice a bug, you can report it to us via social media channels or at

Cash-in and mass sending features

We’ve fixed the problems with the Cash-in feature you have pointed out to us. You can now cash in through your MetaMask, deposit crypto and message other Snovian.Space users in a much more streamlined way.

For crypto projects, this means an easier way to do airdrops and attract an audience simply by selecting necessary users from the groups. For individual users – even more chances to earn crypto on your interests and expertise.

Message tracking

You can now track opens and link clicks on messages you’ve sent another Snovian.Space user to see if how effective your pitch is and verify whether the recipient performed an action for a set reward.

All in all, as you’ve probably noticed by now, we have greatly improved Snovian.Space functionality and we’re not stopping there. Stay tuned for more updates very soon.

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