Early Adopter Badge Program

Early Adopter Badge Program

Hello, Snovian!

You were one of the lucky first 50k pre-registered Snovian.Space users and now it’s time to reap the rewards.

To receive your airdrop, Early Adopter Badge and other benefits described in our Snovian.Space Early Adopter Badge Program, please follow the following steps:

  1. Create an account on Snovian.Space or use an existing one and skip the first step.
  2. Confirm your email and mobile phone number in your snovian space account. (it’s a MUST)
  3. Link your account to Facebook or  LinkedIn (it’s a MUST)
  4. Add your ETH wallet address in the profile settings (it’s a MUST)

Once you’ve performed all these steps, send your Snovian.Space profile link via this Google Form

You will then receive your airdrop shortly, as soon as processed.  

We may reach out to you with additional questions if need to double check your profile.

Early Adopter Badge lets you receive regular airdrops from other crypto projects, better  and a place among the first Snovians who helped our company rise.
Thank you, and enjoy Snovian.Space

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Maryna Nalyvaiko

A voice of progress in the cryptocurrency community, SMM Specialist and a bit of a perfectionist.

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Edited by Maryna Nalyvaiko
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