Into A New Year With A New Team: Snovian.Space Update

Hi everyone! We’re back from our short hiatus and do we have some news for you!

We are back with a new developer team.

Snovian.Space development will finally take off at full speed with a new, bigger and better team of developers and a new team lead on board. We are also very excited to present the new Project Manager of Snovian.Space – Denis Kalinichenko. With years of experience managing in-house and remote development teams, department optimization, and business analysis experience, Denis is joining our team to take Snovian.Space to the next step.

Airdrop is coming soon.

One of the most common questions we get is about the financial state of the project and we are pleased to say we have the budget we need for complete platform development and are not looking for investments. But we really appreciate your willingness to help and constant support.

As we’ve announced earlier, team-reserved SNOV tokens lock has been extended until 1 April, and the SNOV for the airdrop are ready. So stay tuned – everything is almost ready for the airdrop.

The Roadmap

In the light of complete development team reorganization, we have fallen behind on the initial Roadmap dates. We are ready to catch up and we’ll be focusing on bug fixes, completing the goals listed in the old Roadmap, and creating a new Roadmap with our new team. The updated Roadmap will be revealed in the next blog post.

Stay tuned,
Snovian.Space Team


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