Announcement: Next Steps In Snovian.Space’s Product, Model, And Token Economics This Spring

Hey, fellow Snovians! Hope you’re doing great. We’re ready to announce what we’ve been working on and will be launching this spring. 💪

First of all, thank you for all your comments, suggestions and concerns. We heard you and agree that it’s time to make Snovian.Space bigger and more public, so we can get stronger and enter the new quarter in better shape.

To achieve that, we are going to upgrade different parts of the projects – the product side, the business model and even the token economics (you’ll love this part). Read the first details below!

Development plans for April

In April our plan is as follows:

  • Add a massive content part to the project in the form of a content feed. We will start posting unique content on a daily basis. It will bring an immediate revenue stream.
  • Bring Snovian.Space to the front – make it open and publicly accessible, so more and more people can enjoy the content, see the members and search profiles with no need to register. This is good for traffic from search engines and will allow everyone to share their content and profiles. However, to interact with the content and members, creating a profile will be a must.
  • Review the content sharing strategy and implement new techniques to incentivize members and visitors to contribute, spread the word and make Snovian.Space grow even bigger.

Content strategy implementation

Snovian.Space is acquiring a content and interviews blog This is the first step of our new strategy to generate unique content and collect an active audience that will now have a reason to use the platform on a daily basis.

StartupRadius is a great source of interviews with interesting companies and founders, as well as tips and tricks in the niches of digital business, marketing and more. In addition to that, we will be highlighting big crypto news, rumors, and announcements on a daily basis, thus contributing to the crypto community and attracting a crypto-related audience.

StatupRadius is a profitable, revenue-generating business. Why is this important? Read the next chapter.

Token burns

Crypto market is evolving rapidly, with old original ideas not working anymore. Which is why we are changing our token economics model.

Beginning in April 2019, we will start burning the tokens. The number of tokens for burning and the frequency of the burns is up to our decision.

We’ll keep you posted on any other updates!

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Edited by Dana Rudenko
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