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SNOV Token Delisted From KuCoin

Hi, everyone!

We regret to announce that SNOV token has been delisted from KuCoin crypto exchange today for the low trading volume. Yes, SNOV is a low cap token and we cannot show big organic volume without the use of liquidity bots or any other gray hat techniques.

Where to trade

SNOV remains listed on IDEX and we recommend using this exchange in the future. Right now, our IDEX volume is very low but it will grow organically once we move there from KuCoin. We will use IDEX as the main exchange for internal use.

Another option to trade is Etherdelta, but we still recommend using IDEX to maintain better order book and market depth on one exchange.

What to do with tokens kept on KuCoin

Your tokens may remain on KuCoin for some period of time, but we recommend you withdraw to a hardware wallet or any online wallet supporting ERC-20 tokens.

You may also consider some other options for SNOV tokens:

  1. Deposit tokens to your Snovian.Space account for further use after the upcoming platform update.
  2. Order a publication at with a 40% discount when paying in tokens.

Weโ€™ll keep you updated on any other news!

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Edited by Dana Rudenko
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