Snovian.Space Bounty Program Results

Snovian.Space Bounty Program Results

We began our Bounty Program two months ago and we’re glad to announce that your support has exceeded all out expectations! In these two months you’ve actively shown your support through Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Youtube, and earned quite the rewards.

Numbers speak louder than words, and together, our Snovians have earned 1,443,500 SNOV tokens (5774$):

  • the most dedicated Snovian has reached 225,000 SNOV (900$!);
  • 2 of you got more than 100,000 SNOV (over 400$);
  • 8 of our users have earned 75,000 SNOV (300$);
  • 4 have reached between 25,000 and 40,000 SNOV (~100-200$);
  • about 50 people have received up to 15,000 SNOV tokens (~60$).

If you participated in the bounty hunt, your tokens have been sent to you already. Check your ETH wallet and treat yourself, you’ve earned it! If you haven’t received your reward, please contact us and we’ll fix that.

Once again, thank you for your overwhelming support. The platform continues to grow and is almost ready for a full launch. To show you our gratitude, we’re extending the Youtube bounty: Use the depths of your imagination to create a video about Snovian.Space and earn even more tokens!

Let us remind you of the Youtube Bounty Payout:

  • 10k+ subscribers – $400/video

Find out how you can participate here.

Looking for more ways to earn with Snovian.Space? Our Referral Program continues!

Share your referral link with a friend and both of you will get SNOV tokens once you validate your profiles. Find out more about our referral program here.

We can’t wait for you to test our upcoming updates: Tokens withdrawal feature, Metamask integration, Groups launch and Messaging (individually and to the groups) are coming this August, and Accepting crypto payments and Auto airdrops are coming later this September.

Join our Telegram channel for all the latest updates about the platform.

Thank you for being such a significant part of our Snovian.Space community!

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