Snovian.Space - The Reward Based Social Networking Platform Is Here

Snovian.Space: The Reward Based Social Networking Platform Is Here

Hello folks! After two months in development, we have finally launched phase 1.0 of our decentralized reward based social network to a wide audience. Pre-registered users will be verified by a telegram bot and soon have access to the platform and their profiles, where they will find a little early-bird bonus from the team.

Registration is open now! Go to Snovian.Space and become one of the first Snovians to join.

Snovian.Space: The Future is Here

Snovian.Space is a social network based on the blockchain technology, offering its users an opportunity to earn crypto like ETH and SNOV by contributing their personal data to the platform. Here contributors get paid for being contacted by companies and businesses looking for opportunities for targeted outreach campaigns, collaborations, and hiring.

Link your LinkedIn or account to your profile and you will automatically be verified. By linking your accounts your profile becomes more visible to other Snovians.

All Industries Matter

The platform will be hosting representatives of a variety of industries: crypto professionals, CEOs, tech start-ups, IT specialists, marketers, and everyone else willing to be rewarded for data contribution. No matter who you are, on Snovian.Space your data matters.


Connect with people across the platform making your profile more visible for data hunters and businesses. Snovian.Space pushes you to expand your network and earn crypto by forming connections, because to message a user you need to be in a “connection” with them.

Get Rewarded

Everyone who wants to message you will be charged an amount you specify in your settings, thus making your connection more personal, as no one will waste their money just to spam you with cheap ads. Using MetaMask you can securely transfer all your tokens directly to your ETH wallet.

The final piece… team wants everyone to feel rewarded when they post their info on a platform. With this idea in mind Snovian.Space created a place where everyone from professionals to corporates can find something of worth. Right now, Snovian.Space is only at the beginning of its journey.

The last piece of this puzzle is you! Don’t hesitate to sign up and become one of the first Snovians to join our passionate crypto community.

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Dana Rudenko

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Edited by Dana Rudenko
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