Snovian.Space x Musards

Snovian.Space x Musards

Snovian.Space is happy to announce its collaboration with Musards, a platform where you get paid to listen to your favorite artists.

This partnership came about very naturally, seeing as the core ideas of both Snovian.Space and Musards are rooted in rewarding the people and disrupting the status quo of the modern industries. Musards aims to change the music industry by supporting independent artists and giving 100% of the revenue to the Artist. Snovian.Space, who also rewards its users with 100% of the profit earned from being contacted by other professionals, entrepreneurs, and businesses, found it striking to see their philosophy of rewarding the content creators shared by a representative of the music industry. Which is why we are very excited to see this collaboration blossom into something bigger. Snovian.Space will offer all Musards users opportunities for airdrops, professional collaborations, and a way to earn crypto on their expertise, using MetaMask for secure transactions.

What’s more, Snovian Space is the platform where artists will be able to find new band members, pitch their products to music event organizers, or even connect with professionals in tech to bring to life ideas never seen before in the music industry.

We are looking forward to seeing where this collaboration takes us in the future!

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Dana Rudenko

Dana Rudenko is an editor and translator at Snovian.Space, working tirelessly to bring you all the freshest news and updates.

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Edited by Dana Rudenko
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