Your Information, And Ultimately You, Are Worth Something will be launching a new feature on it’s platform: in addition to adding information for others on the Marketplace, users will now be able to add their own information on Snovian.Space. Both will operate under the umbrella.

Existing social media/professional networking platforms, such as LinkedIn, benefit from your data without compensating you. You provide your information (which has value) and receive no equivalent value return when others access this information. In the information age, data is king and analogous to being the new oil. Why would you give away the most valuable commodity for free?

Perhaps we have become so used to the status quo that we are complacent with accepting a link to a professional profile (a sort of digital business card) as a fair exchange for surrendering our data. When one analyzes the value of information, the lopsidedness of this exchange becomes quite clear, especially when analyzing paid plans: millions of people leverage LinkedIn’s paid plans to access your data with less limitations and barriers to message you. LinkedIn retains all of the value from these premium subscribers, paid members that see value in accessing your data and contacting you. It is time to come up with a more equitable solution: you deserve more value in that transaction.

The significance of this idea is that users of Snovio.Space will be able to create and manage a professional profile directly on the network, adding information such as their professional skills and interests. This database of professionals with varied experiences and passions will be available to businesses seeking such individuals, whether for hiring or for leads. Pertinent to leads, in the context of the blockchain space, blockchain startups in the ICO phase will be able to contact blockchain enthusiasts, perhaps particularly blockchain enthusiasts interested in the particular problem that blockchain problem is seeking to solve.

What will set this outreach mechanism apart from the current status-quo of social networking is groundbreaking: whenever the aforementioned outreach methodology is leveraged, users will be compensated with SNOV tokens. Since SNOV tokens are easily purchased with Ethereum with low transaction fees, the project life cycle for a startup seeking to message a specific audience of users can be executed very quickly, even if these startups weren’t already on the platform.

The key difference between Snovio.Space and what currently exists in the market is clear: will not be selling paid plans for this service, setting the platform far apart from LinkedIn or other networking platforms. Instead of people or businesses providing value to the service provider, the value is put back in the hands of the more deserving: the owner of the relevant information. In addition to the direct financial value differentiator, it is a certainty that a “paid to engage” mechanism will bolster engagement and provide a substantially higher response rate than unsolicited and uncompensated messages as currently exist on LinkedIn and other platforms. As an end-user, you are compensated for providing your data and responding to those whom access it. Platforms that have implemented a “paid to respond” feature have taken a notable market share from those lacking such a feature, particularly in the blockchain industry: is taking this to the next level.

With an initial focus on the blockchain industry, Snovio.Space will add this paid messaging service in a method that is highly desirable to blockchain enthusiasts: startups can utilize SNOV or other tokens. As an example, a blockchain startup will be able to use their token on the platform to compensate responders, streamlining the airdrop process. This methodology alone will disrupt how airdrops are conducted, and is only one of several major industry disruptions the new features of will see happen.

To articulate what this would look like, a user profile on Snovio.Space would display information that would enable someone to determine if they are a “good fit” for their outreach goals, such as skills and interests. Contact data would be hidden, and the entity desiring to contact such individuals would set a reward in SNOV or other tokens for this contact. If this reward is satisfactory to the user profile owner, the entity desiring the contact is “whitelisted,” and the user receives tokens in their ETH wallet  MetaMask. The user will be able to receive emails from the business for as long as they are whitelisted. These whitelists are managed through Gmail/Yahoo APIs automatically.

In addition to listing skills and interests, users can build out their profiles with other social media account integrations, such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, or G+. This feature was a direct response to an assessment of industry needs, particularly in the blockchain industry, where airdrops and bounty campaigns often seek to bolster social media following. For users that add these social media platforms to their user profiles, they are more likely to be “paid to engage” with businesses seeking individuals with a presence on these social networks.

Combining rewards that information owners deserve with varied, scalable, and effective use-cases through Snovian.Space is a potent addition to which will continue to foster platform adoption and scaling. With use-cases relevant to the blockchain industry such as pre-ICO lead generation, social media and community bolstering, talent acquisition, and influencer outreach, the blockchain industry alone will be hungry for what is providing. Thinking bigger, use-cases for other industries remain as varied as ever: imagine if recruiters had to pay you to talk to you? Imagine if sales professionals had to pay you to hear their pitch? Your time is taken by either; and much like your information, your time is valuable. understands the value of your time and information, and is going to be your platform to get your share of the value for these conversations.

Edited by
Dana Rudenko

Dana Rudenko is an editor and translator at Snovian.Space, working tirelessly to bring you all the freshest news and updates.

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Edited by Dana Rudenko
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