SNOV token will be added to payment options on Sheldon Store

Sheldon Store, an online retailer where you can buy Amazon, iTunes, Playstation, Google Play, Uber, Airbnb, Netflix and many other gift cards with Bitcoin, Litecoin and over 50 other cryptocurrencies, will be accepting SNOV as a payment option starting July 1.

We are very excited about this collaboration as it opens new possibilities to our token holders. Sheldon Store are a team of cryptocurrency enthusiast working together, driven by a single goal – to create a world where people earn, spend and invest in cryptocurrency like they would any other fiat currency in their everyday life.

At Sheldon Store you can purchase gift cards from over 25 major retailers that donโ€™t yet accept crypto and enjoy online shopping without having to go through exchanges. Starting July 1 all SNOV token holders will be able to spend their tokens directly at Sheldon Store: all gift cards are delivered within 30 minutes, with refunds available through the store.

Together SNOV and Sheldon Store will expand the cryptocurrency ecosystem even further. You can purchase SNOV tokens at major exchanges like Bibox, KuCoin, TIDEX, Idex and EtherDelta, and use them at our own platforms, Snovian.Space and Snovio Marketplace, and Sheldon Store, beginning July 1.

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Dana Rudenko

Dana Rudenko is an editor and translator at Snovian.Space, working tirelessly to bring you all the freshest news and updates.

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Edited by Dana Rudenko
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