Update On The Marketplace Project

Update On The Marketplace Project

You may know Snovian Marketplace, a platform where you could earn crypto by fulfilling lead requests, as a sister-project to Snovian.Space. Slowly but surely, Snovian.Space outgrew its “sister” status and is now functioning as a full-bodied replacement for Snovian Marketplace.

Which is why the team has decided to stop any further development of the Snovian Marketplace platform and concentrate fully on Snovian.Space. In the next month, the Marketplace project will be put on hold, i.e. the website https://marketplace.snov.io/ will be shut down and any further developments shelved for the time being.

This decision will let us bring new Snovian.Space features to life much faster, with the whole team on the mission to make it the perfect reward-based social network you needed.

We see almost unlimited potential in Snovian.Space, which for Marketplace users can replace the platform completely, and offer even more. Currently, you can search for specific leads on Snovian.Space through our Search or through our Groups feature, which offers nearly two dozen skill- and job- specific groups, with more and more being added every day upon user requests. You can then connect with your leads directly by offering crypto as a reward for their attention, knowledge, experience, or skills. Give it a try now by registering on Snovian.Space.

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