User Case: How a Blogger Earned 6 ETH with Snovio in Just 1 Hour

User Case: How a Blogger Earned 6 ETH with Snovio in Just 1 Hour

This time we want to share an exciting story about one of our users. It’s not just a random testimonial, but a real case study by a real user. What makes this article so special is the facts, guides and metrics enclosed.

You will learn how a blogger uses for his marketing and sales needs while diving deeper into one of his latest outreach campaigns that generated him 6 ETH in just one hour. It may not be that much for some, but it’s definitely a lot for just 1 hour of work with a single tool.

So, we received this letter recently. The story posted below was originally written by one of our users, and we liked it so much that we feel we should post it as is. Enjoy!

Original text below by Paul from

The Background – How It All Started

Hey guys! I hope you are doing great. I would like to begin my story with some background on how it all started, who I am, and how I discovered the lead generation tool.

I have 10 years experience in digital marketing, and I started my career and digital journey back in 2008. These were golden times for internet marketing – you could make money in no time. Blogging, social media marketing, SEO and paid campaigns were easy as pie back in the day. Almost any campaign generated positive ROI because of no competition, low bids and a fast-growing market.

I didn’t use black-hat or grey-hat techniques a lot and started my career as an in-house marketing specialist. The a company was a developer and vendor of email marketing software. This is how I understood the importance of email marketing. Besides email marketing tools, I got my hands on different social media marketing tools, blogging automation tools and more. I quickly realised how great it is when you have a tool that does most of the job for you or automates the biggest part of a process.

Within these 10 years of working in 4 companies and doing many parallel side-projects, I used a lot of software, both great and not so helpful, but what I always liked is the automation – when you save time and money by using just a single tool.

That’s how I found when it was just in early beta. I used some alternatives before, but when I switched to I got that good old feeling of the pure automation! It was a real joy to generate leads with few clicks. Then since the price was so affordable, I became a paid user with no hesitation. That happened about 6-7 months ago, in mid 2017!

The Blog – A Project I Couldn’t Resist to Start

Almost at the same time I started using for my main job as a CMO in an international company, I started my own StartupRadius blog to publish interviews with startups, reveal some growth hacks and publish well-tested marketing techniques. I was focused on startups and marketing-related content at first, but then I dived deeper into the world of crypto.

That’s how I began to feature crypto-companies and ICOs (initial coin offerings) on StartupRadius. This niche was so huge that I switched almost all my efforts to crypto content only.

By now I have featured more than 70 ICOs and blockchain projects, so things are going pretty well. I did not charge ICO companies when I just started, but now I feel it’s fair to feature them for money due to the audience i can bring them.

Many companies request to feature their ICO by themselves via the on-site form, while some of them I approach Β and offer to publish an article by me.

The companies I reach out to myself is the most interesting segment, because that’s quite a predictable channel with a highest revenue potential for the blog. Usually I charge them 2 ETH per article.

The Campaign – How I Earned 2 ETH with in just 1 Hour

In this part of my story, I would like to take a look at the exact campaign I recently ran. What’s most interesting about it is that I used just as a tool and a Gmail account (to send messages).

The goal of the campaign was to reach out to companies that are running their token sales at the moment. Usually it takes 1 month to finish a public token sale, so I found quite a lot of them.

What I used:

  • TokenMarket’s ICO Calendar – to find websites of ICO companies
  • – to generate leads for my outreach campaign
  • Gmail (G Suite) – to actually deliver my messages

I started with collecting the sources – companies and websites to find contacts of potential leads . I went through and collected 90 companies (and their websites) that are running an ICO.

What I did next is visited every website and checked for email addresses associated with this domain by using the tool.

My top priority was personal email addresses, the ones that have a structure similar to or

Most of the ICO-related websites have just 1 general email available for visitors, and usually it is or

Inboxes associated with these emails are bombed with tons of offers and messages, and I knew from the very beginning that I needed only personal email addresses to succeed.

Luckily I have, and it helped me to find 81 personal contacts out of 90 websites.

So the lead generation rate was precisely 90% for this campaign.

Then I had to verify these emails to get rid of non-existing or non-active ones. I verified them with the help of again and got 75 valid leads out of 81 generated.

So the valid-to-found ratio was 92% which is pretty great!

Then I created a really simple and short message. My main goal was to start the conversation (get a reply to my original message from the recipient).

Here is the message I used:


[CompanyName] article on StartupRadius


Hey [Name],

Congrats on running your ICO!

I’m Chief Editor at and we want to offer you a publication. We have already featured about 70 different ICOs.

Is this something you would be interested in?

Best, and waiting for your reply,


As you see it’s a really simple email with a direct question.

As all the emails were verified and valid, all the messages were delivered successfully. This campaign generated me 26 replies from 75 sent messages within a day!

So the reply rate was 35%, which is just awesome!

Out of these 26 replies:

  • 6 were non-interested (24%)
  • 10 requested more details first (38%)
  • 5 were interested (19%)
  • 5 more Β were strongly interested (19%)

Out of 5 strongly interested, 2 commited and paid almost right away (4 ETH total). And one more company out of the interested ones ordered an article a bit later (2 ETH per publication as well).

As you can see 26 replies converted to 3 deals, and I believe there can be more sales from this campaign later, as we are still negotiating with few companies.

So the replied-to-converted rate is 12%.

Let’s speak money, according to ETH price of $830:

  • Each generated email was worth $61
  • Each valid email was worth $66
  • Each reply was worth $191
  • Each interested was worth $498

That was a successful campaign for me, and I also wanted to test as a part of a simple marketing approach, because previously I used it for serious B2B campaigns.

This test is very important for me, because it shows how a simple approach and an affordable tool together generate money. I hope to inspire people with my experiment!

The Conclusion – That’s Why I Love

Long story short, helped me earn $4980 in just 1 hour of work. It wasn’t a complex multi-step campaign that takes deep knowledge, no. I believe everyone with some basic background can find extremely helpful!

I love it because it gives me the good old feeling of automation – a tool that does something for you, and does it quick. It saved me a lot of time and a lot of money, while generating more money at the same time!

Now when released a Verification Module, a Mailing Module and a Tech Finder, it became a real all-in-one-platform. And all-in-one tools is the only thing I love more than automation.

Thank you guys for letting me speak to your audience and tell my story. I really hope this case study and a quick guide will inspire some of your readers!

Thanks for the great feedback Paul and we wish you more success with in the future.

So as you can see, finding the right people at the right time is valuable and does it easily. Try it for yourself at and also download the chrome extension.

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Edited by Dana Rudenko
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